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Shenzhen YuJiaxin Hardware Products Co., Ltd.
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Shenzhen Yu Jia Xin Hardware Products Co., Ltd. in the current highly competitive and uncertain environment, our company will continue to introduce new technology, new technique,
New ideas to improve our products, to meet community needs. And the concept of quality, service to do more efforts, the pursuit of a more perfect world in order to promote the internationalization of
The footsteps, to serve the society public.
With talent and technology, to the unity and eternal, technology and quality, to the quality of survival; to innovation and development, in order to save for value-added, to management for efficiency
Benefit, sincerity and talent.
Interview requirements and procedures:
1, confirm interview time, do a good job on the day of the interview work arrangements. According to the understanding of the basic situation of your interviewer.
2, the reception staff contact with the interviewer, show that the interviewer has come, to prepare for the interview.
3, the end of the interview, wait for the interview results.
4, if you pass the interview, the human resources department can directly notify its expected report; if not through, refused to be tactful.
Report program:
1, if the interview, company will notify the formal employment information and management training or registration, accommodation procedures and other matters;
2. Please prepare the original certificates and ID card, photo etc..
The 3 report shall report in the date of the company; if there are special circumstances to delay, to explain to the company in charge of.
The 4 report in accordance with the requirements to fill in the entry registration form, for the employee card and accommodation in accordance with the guidance of the staff.
5 formalities completed, may to the Department official report, work.




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